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3D Gerber Viewer

With this free viewer, you can upload your Gerber files and have a 360 degree view of your PCB design.  Launch the viewer to load your own design or view one of the example boards.  You can get step-by-step instructions on this Instructable



This tool will come in handy while you're laying out a board and can also be used for peace of mind before shipping your CAD files off for manufacturing.

We developed the 3D Gerber Viewer using some emerging technologies, like HTML5 and WebGL, so unfortunately the viewer will not work in all browsers on all platforms.  Here is what we recommend trying:

Google Chrome: most recent release
Firefox: most recent release
     *Note on Firefox: You may have to force enable WebGL

Note on privacy and intellectual property: We don't save or store any of your Gerber files – not even temporarily.  So whether you are working on an open source project or commercial project, you are safe using the 3D Gerber Viewer!

We are still working out minor bugs in the Gerber file parser and 3D renderer.  We would appreciate your input, especially if you are experiencing any problems.  If you can, provide us with enough details to fix what is broken – like a screen shot or the Gerber files you are using.

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It will help us if you can upload a screenshot, your Gerbers, or both

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This tool is free for everyone to use, but If you find it useful and would like to donate, your support will go directly to funding improvements in our 3D Gerber Viewer's compatibility, rendering, and file export features!