Custom PCBs

[styledbox type=warning ]PCB Ordering has been suspended due to lack of time on my part.  Once I am finished with my thesis work this fall, the service will be available again.

– Mark[/styledbox]

Have a printed circuit board that you want manufactured?  Our group order PCB service is an economical way of getting your prototype or small quantity run made quickly and professionally.  We'll take your design and add it to a panel along with several others to get the lowest possible price.

When the meter below reaches 100%, the current panel is sent off for manufacturing:

Current Panel Fullness:
100 %



For three copies
(price includes shipping!)

Example: If your design is 6 in2, your cost is (6)x(3)x(1.50) = $27 for three copies.

You will need to order your PCBs in multiples of three.  The way we keep our price low is by ordering three copies of each panel.  Manufacturing setup cost is about five times the cost of materials on a one panel order.  However, for an additional copy of the same panel there is no extra setup fee, just material costs! 

How it works:

  1. Upload a .zip file with your Gerbers and let us know any details we'll need to work with your files.
  2. We will check for design rule errors and let you know if there are problems.
  3. You will receive a link in your email to pay with credit card or PayPal.
  4. Once the panel is full, it will be manufactured, tested and shipped back to us.
  5. We will ship your order to you!

Submit an Order:

We will need the following Gerber files to process your order.  Any of these may be omitted if they aren't used in your design. 

  1. Top copper
  2. Bottom copper
  3. Top soldermask
  4. Bottom soldermask
  5. Top silkscreen
  6. Bottom silkscreen
  7. Outline (this indicates where the board edges should be cut)


Use the form below to upload your files and provide order info.  We'll get your shipping address later when you pay.  You'll receive a bill in your email once we've added your design to the next panel.

    Your Name

    Your Email

    Gerber Upload (zip file)

    How many copies would you like? (you have to order in multiples of 3)

    Will your order be shipped within the US or to another country?
    US Shipping (free)International Shipping ($15)

    File Descriptions & Other Notes

    Lead Time:

    Panels usually fill up in around 7 days.  The maximum time we give a panel to fill up is 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks, we'll build the panel no matter what – that way you aren't stuck waiting around.  The panels take 3 to 5 days to manufacture, 3 days to ship back to us, 1 day for processing the returned panel, and 2 to 4 days of shipping to you.  That means you can expect to see your order somewhere in the range of 12 to 17 days.

    Design Rules:

    Currently we are running 2 layer boards only.  The PCBs are 0.062 inch thick, FR4 material, with 1 oz copper (if you don't know what these mean, just know that you'll be getting a 'standard' PCB).  Below is a list of our manufacturer's design rules.  Please verify that your design meets these specs before submitting.  If you are using Eagle, see the .dru file in the following section.  If you have a specific question or concern about your design, please contact us! 

    Minimum drill size 12 mil
    Minimum trace width 6 mil
    Minimum clearance 
    (between traces, drills, etc)
    6 mil
    Minimum annular ring 8 mil
    Minimum board size Any size, but 1in2 minimum charge
    Route & V-scoring Please contact us
    Board Shape Any shape; board edge will be routed (providing a perfectly clean edge!)
    Maximum Board Size 16 x 22 inches

    Eagle .cam and .dru files

    If you are using CadSoft Eagle, the following files will come in handy to verify you meet the above requirements for manufacturability and also help export Gerber files properly. Used for generating Gerber files how we like them.  Place this in your Eagle install directory, inside the 'cam' folder.  In the CAM Processor window, go to File->Open->Job and select this file.

    MayhewLabsPCB.dru: Used for verifying that your layout meets all tolerances.  Place this in your Eagle install directory, inside the 'dru' folder.  In the PCB Editor, run 'Design Rule Check' (lower left side of screen) and click 'Load…' and choose this file.  Then click 'Check' to find any problems with your layout.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the status of my order?
    You will receive an email notification when your order has shipped.  We are working on making a more in-depth order status system so you'll always know what stage your order is in.

    I have intellectual property concerns.
    Your design files will be kept private and treated confidentially.  Our manufacturer does all of the manufacturing in house and will not share your files either.  If you have specific concerns, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

    How do I use Eagle?
    Here is great tutorial made by SparkFun that covers the entire PCB creation process!

    How will my board be separated from the panel? 
    We have requested our manufacturer to separate individual boards by routing around the perimeter of each one.  This means that your board will have a clean, sharp edge without artifacts from tab routing or v-scoring.

    Have another question?
    Send us an email and we'll answer right away: pcborder at  We're still compiling FAQ's!