Extended ADC Shield

The Extended ADC Shield gives your Arduino the ability to measure extended voltage ranges with higher resolution and faster speed than the build in analog-to-digital converters. It has 8 single-ended or 4 differential inputs, or combinations of the two. The shield utilizes the Linear Technology LTC185x ADC and is available in 12-bit (LTC1857), 14-bit (LTC1858) , and 16-bit (LTC1859) versions. It interfaces with your Arduino over SPI along with a few additional control signals that can be mapped to any available digital IO pins. The shield, along with the provided library, will work with any Arduino hardware variant. Check out the user manual, schematic, and library with example code below to get started.


  • Available in 12-bit (4,096 steps), 14-bit (16,384 steps), and 16-bit (65,536 steps)
  • Each input can be configured as single ended or differential
  • Each input can be configured to have input range of 0V to 5V, 0V to 10V, ±5V, or ±10V
  • Up to 100 ksps sampling rate
  • Selectable 5V or 3.3V SPI communication level
  • Input signals can be connected using screw terminals or 0.1″-pitch header
  • Inputs are safe for over-voltages up to ±25V
  • Communicates over SPI via the Arduino’s ICSP header
  • Comes with stackable headers installed

12-Bit: $29.95

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 14-Bit: $34.95

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16-Bit: $39.95

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