USB to I2C Breakout

The USB to I2C Breakout, based on the Silicon Labs CP2112, is a convenient tool for communicating directly with devices on an I2C bus from a computer. This eliminates the need to have a microcontroller with custom firmware between the computer and I2C devices. With the breakout board and the provided example code, you can read from and write to an I2C bus and take advantage of eight 5V-tolerant I/O pins on the breakout board. The breakout board shows up as a HID device on your Mac, PC, or Linux machine so no drivers are needed. Check out the User Guide below to get started.


  • Eliminates the need to write microcontroller code
  • Reduces latency between computer application and I2C bus
  • User-definable I2C communication speed
  • Jumpers allow selection of I2C pullup voltage and ability to disable the onboard pullups
  • Easy to follow example code provided
  • Eight 5V-tolerant I/O pins capable of driving LEDs
  • Receive and transmit LEDs
  • Breadboardable
  • 3.3V regulator (85mA max)
  • ESD protected USB port
  • Clock output, adjustable up to 48MHz